Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out

Look, Mr. Fabulous over there has it all wrong. We planned to meet up at Tavern+Bowl for dinner, drinks and a game or two. I show up five minutes late and this dude has already scarfed down an entire platter of wings and was working on a big pretzel. I’ll admit, the beer-cheese sauce still looked pretty good, even though it was dripped all over his tie.

Since I was on edge after a long day at work, I was excited to see the large beer selection and ordered myself an ice cold Stella. This is where my lovely date pointed out that I could save some calories if I ordered a Coors Light, or better yet a vodka and soda, since they offer a full bar.

Mr. Jenny Craig didn’t just stop at telling me which drink to order. When I opened the menu, he pointed out the salads and said, “here’s your section, babe.” I wanted to tell him to take his own advice, but the salads actually sounded delicious, like their killer Smoked Turkey Cali Cobb with bleu cheese, bacon, avocado and the works.

Overall, he seemed a lot more interested in the televisions and nachos than me. But the place was still hopping by the time he waddled home, so I texted my girls and we went ahead and hit the lanes. This was the highlight of my night, high-tech, really fun atmosphere, even a disco ball! Plus, they offer food and drink service during your game, so if your date didn’t share his hot wings, you can order your own between strikes. And we all bowl better after a few beers.

If he calls me again next Friday, we’re hitting happy hour and the bowling lanes first. Then we’ll see if he’s got any real game.

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