Valentine’s Game Plan

Valentine’s Game Plan

Okay, I’ll admit it: I’ve done the French restaurant thing. I’ve even tried the home-cooked meal angle, which ended in smoke, tears, and Chinese takeout. Don’t wait until the last minute to come up with a game plan. Stick to your strengths: know what your date likes and keep it fun. If your babe’s favorite meal is burgers, why would you force her to eat sashimi so fresh it still blinks?

So take her out to Tavern+Bowl, treat her to some big league burgers, baller drink specials, and high-tech bowling. Bowling is the perfect after dinner treat. It’s upbeat and active, but you can still chill out between frames with a beer.

Valentine’s Day can mean a lot of pressure for both you and your lady. Everybody makes it about jewelry and candles and commitment–-all of that outdated Hallmark baloney about a biological clock. She’s probably just as sick of it as you are. Blow off some steam together by throwing some balls down the lanes and racking up the points. Then maybe later you can really score.

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