Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Valentine’s Day rolls around on the same exact date every year, and men still act like it’s a huge surprise. It’s not like a birthday where it changes with every new girlfriend, and it’s not some crazy cosmic alignment you have to calculate yourself by looking at the stars. February 14th: every year, every girlfriend. You can even get Siri to remind you.

I’ve been on a lot of Valentine’s dates where the man mistakes expensive for thoughtful. But then we end up at some fancy French place where nothing on the menu is in English. Worse yet, he’ll order whatever the chef’s special is for both of us, and the night ends with us sharing a horse’s ear with a side of snail aioli. Snaioli.

Maybe some ladies are interested in that level of gourmet, but I’m way more into a guy that can plan a fun date, like dinner and bowling at Tavern+Bowl. There’s something to be said for a menu in your own language, full of your favorite foods. Plus, we can bond over bowling after a great meal. Remember, on Valentine’s Day, girls just wanna have fun.

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